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We work with a wide variety of composite materials, such as polyester resins, epoxy resin, PU fast cast resin, silicone and polyurethene rubbers and have direct access to chemists and technicians, ensuring the correct materials are used to create the best product possible, taking into consideration competitive costings and the products end use.

We have extensive knowledge in manufacturing components for the water treatment industry from launder channels, light weight anti-slip frames and covers to odour control self supporting covers, where an installation service is available.



Composite Creations manufacture their anti-slip products in house using GRP (glass reinforced plastics), with a choice of a medium or heavy duty composite non-corrosive anti slip surface.



Composite Creations have been supplying prefabricated building components into the building industry for the past 7 years.



Composite Creations have extensive knowledge and experience in silicone and polyurethane rubbers, creating moulds or production components.

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