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Ministry Of Defence (M.O.D)

In 2009 Composite Creations was approached by the M.O.D to develop a light weight fan pack to attach to the radio equipment carried by the soldiers in Afghanistan to replace an aluminium version that was currently being used.
The component that was produced was a self-coloured carbon fibre component, incorporating a high impact foam and a high temperature resin system.  The design was accepted and an order for 520 units was confirmed.
Composite Creations has also assisted two soldiers that had lost limbs in Afghanistan, Sgt Mick Brennan and Kingsley Ward who are part of the Combined Services Disabled Ski team (CSDST), that is a charitable organisation which helps rehabilitate those serving and retired service personnel who have been injured during their military service , through the medium of Alpine Skiing.

Carbon fibre seating pods were developed and produced, combining light weight high impact foam with carbon fibre.
We wish them the best of luck in the qualification for the 2014 Winter Paralympics Games.
Pre-form tooling for helmets and various other equipment has been manufactured by Composite Creations.

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