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In 2008 Composite Creations teamed up with Noble Automotive to assist with the development of the new Noble M600, working under a tight schedule, where a rapid tooling system was used to make all of the development moulds and 3 complete cars in GRP (glass reinforced plastic).


The 3rd car to be made by Dave White, including the interior panels was painted in a powder blue colour and was launched at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed and made its debut on the popular TV show ‘Top Gear’, and is still used as a demonstration car to this day.


Composite Creations still work with Noble Automotive making replacement panels for the earlier M12 model and manufacture the air boxes for the M600.


We have been involved with various race teams such as Team Webb, GTS Racing, Gerry Wainwright, Gelscoe Motor  and Zytech Racing.


Repairs and components such as carbon fibre down planes can be made to customer design and specification.


If you have any enquiries on automotive components or proto types, then please call Dave White on 01827 830893 or email.

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